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Certified Trainer & Instructor for Micro-Pigmentation Centre, Canada

Permanent Makeup & Microblading Courses

Study & Practice with an

Experienced & Certified Trainer

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From beginner to advanced technique training, I can help you upgrade your skills to succeed.

Navigating this industry is a tough task, and as a seasoned artists & certified trainer, I hope to assist other Permanent Makeup Artists by sharing my experiences and knowledge I have gained during my 24+ years in the industry.

- Stephanie Wilson, CPCP

Current Courses


A complete guide to understanding permanent makeup needles.

Learn the industry language, what makes needles differ and when to use a particular type & size.


Permanent Makeup & Microblading practice & mentorship.


Complete full procedures under the guidance of an experienced artist.


A comprehensive beginners course for eyeliner & lashline procedures.


A self-paced course that involves both online learning & hands-on procedures.

Beginner Courses

Looking to begin your career in Microblading and/or Permanent Makeup?

Fundamental Courses for Permanent Makeup or Microblading

If you're looking for a beginners program in permanent makeup or microblading, Micro-Pigmentation Centre offers comprehensive courses that combine both online & hands-on.

* All fundamental courses are offered by Micro-Pigmentation Centre with hands-on instruction by Stephanie Wilson in Vancouver, BC.

All-Inclusive Micro-Pigmentation



+ Online & Hands-on in Vancouver Area

+ 3 Days plus Online

+ Starter Kit Included

+ 4-5 Models

+ All Levels

*This course can also be tailored to focus on any specific combination of the 3 procedure types (ie only lips, or only eyebrows & eyeliner, etc).

All-Inclusive Microblading

Eyebrow Microblading Only


+ Online & Hands-on in Vancouver Area

+ 2 Days plus Online

+ Starter Kit Included

+ 3 Models

+ All Levels

* Training focuses specifically on microblading techniques and using a manual tool for eyebrows.

The Brow Bundle

(Microblading & Micro-Pigmentation)


+ Online & Hands-on in Vancouver Area

+ 3 Days plus Online

+ Starter Kit Included

+ 3 Models

+ All Levels

* Training focuses on Eyebrow techniques. Both digital micro-pigmentation and manual microblading methods.

3 Day Hands-On Practical is in addition to Online Theory offered by Micro-Pigmentation Centre.

Certified & Experienced Trainer

Stephanie Wilson, CPCP

Stephanie was among the first artists in Canada to attain the prestigious Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (CPCP) designation from the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP), where she is also one of only 3 designated Trainer Members for Permanent Makeup & microblading in Canada.

Stephanie initially trained as an esthetician and skin care specialist in Australia, before beginning her career in permanent makeup. She later went on to become a Certified Trainer & Assessor (TAE40116) and has continued to work and train in various countries. She currently partners with Micro-Pigmentation Centre, Canada, instructing their hands-on fundamentals in permanent makeup & microblading for Vancouver & BC.

She also offers private focus-training in PMU and microblading techniques and an exclusive Practicum Program to enable existing permanent makeup technicians to gain further practice and knowledge under her guidance, for continued education.


I’ve been doing PMU for 5 years and I still had too many questions

After doing ‘needles' course I can now confidently choose the correct needle and know what the result will be. Or look at any skin type and know what I need to choose, both needle and pigment type. Amazing knowledge I’ve gained from Stephanie


Helen G - PMU Artist, Australia

I love all the information explained there, and also the support is amazing when you send your questions (and they respond very clear and quickly). I was trying to find a course of Pointillism, months ago, but was not lucky until now!!! I highly recommend this course as we will be treating difficult skin types the most of the time.


Gabriela L - PMU Artist, Mexico

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